Board Members

Christian Guizar


Jacob Pumarejo

Vice President

Field Training Officer Pumarejo came to us from Kingsburg Police Department back in 2004 where he has since been on patrol. He has served on the SPOA board several times and has assisted with many fundraisers and events. Jacob has wonderful ideas to make our POA better and get our community involved. He continues to serve as a leader with our young officers.

Anthony Yanni


Officer Yanni has over 7 years of experience as an officer and has been with our Selma family for 3 years. He is currently assigned as a Field Training Officer where he trains and mentors new hires. He has a contagious laughter and a positive attitude every day at work and is always looking for ways to help other employees. We are happy to have him on our team!

Steven Mares


Community Service Officer Steven Mares has started his career with Selma Police Department in 2008 as a volunteer. After 5 years of volunteering, CSO Mares became a community service officer and has been so since 2013. He also serves as a crime scene technician and has served on the SPOA board for more than 2 years. CSO Mares was raised in Selma and has built great relationships throughout the city. He continues to be a reliable board member and friend to the SPOA and continues to do great things for the citizens of Selma.